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Aquapark Neptune is a water attraction for both Kids and Adults.

Your safety is a priority for us and compliance with the rules of use

facilities and staying in the facility are required.

There are 35 rescuers and employees in the Neptune Aquapark

your safety, but that does not exclude the personal liability of the escorts

of young children, as well as the personal of every visitor.

1.Children under 10 years of age must be accompanied by a person aged 16 years,

who can monitor them and take care of them personally. Please look after your children, it is not our responsibility

2.Each attraction and pool has an information plate for depth, height and

kilograms. In the event of a weight loss or height, the visitor will not be admitted to the facility for the purpose of its safety.Walk carefully and use the rails Diving and jumping in any of the swimming pools are not allowed Take into account the location of rescue posts and follow the safety instructions that recommend you to observe Some areas of the attraction may not be marked with the appropriate restrictions All children under 10 years old must be accompanied by persons over 16 years old It is advisable to use sunscreen or sunscreen for the prevention of harmful UV rays

3.We expect our visitors to understand and tolerate. Visitors abusing alcohol or aggressive behavior will be taken by

the territory of the Aquapark Neptune without refunding the amount paid for entry.


No pets are permitted on the territory of Akvaparak Neptune, regardless of the

dimensions and genius.

5.Do not leave your belongings unattended for a long time   

In case of lost or forgotten items, contact our employee or contact us

contact us at +359 890 202026

  1. Pay and services at the Neptune Aquapark

No money is paid on the territory of Aquapark Neptune. Payments are made

through a bracelet placed at the entrance to the aqua park. The bulk is charged to the Deposits

stacks located immediately after the entrance to the aquapark, the amount you want to

enter you judge yourself.

If you have not spent the entire amount before leaving the site, again on the deposit

you will be restored to the rest.

After leaving Aquapark and deactivating the bracelet, no refund is possible

of the outstanding amount.

  1. Lost bracelet or key from safe and cupboard

In the case of a lost bracelet or a key, a fine of BGN 10 is paid.

  1. Meteorological conditions

In bad weather, rain or strong wind Aquapark Neptune does not refund the amount for

the purchased ticket.

  1. Payment

Payments at the Neptune Aquapark can be made only in cash.


Neptune Aqua Park has free parking for 500 hours

  1. Food and beverages

 Food and beverages are not allowed in the Neptune Aquapark. No excursions make baby food and water. Every visitor is checked at the entrance for sharp and fragile items, weapons, food and



The safes are located in the deposit boxes, there is a deposit amount of

10 lv, which is refunded upon return of the key.


On the Territory of Aquapark Neptune has a permanent medical practitioner

first aid to victims on the site.

  1. Visitors

All visitors to Aquapark Neptune pay the entrance fee, an exception

visibly pregnant women and people with visible disabilities

14a. All other visitors with diseases that are at risk of using

facilities are personally responsible for the judgment and the consequences of

use of attraction.

  1. Offenders

Failure to comply with the rules and rules at the Neptune Aquapark may lead to

forced removal from the site without refund of the entry fee.