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Rules for using AQUAPARK “NEPTUNE”

The rules in Neptune Water Park are designed for the comfort and safety of visitors and guests. Neptune Water Park is a water attraction for young and old. The safety of our guests is a priority for us, compliance with the rules for use of the facilities and the stay on the territory of Neptune Water Park is MANDATORY! There are lifeguards and staff on the territory of Neptune Water Park who take care of your safety, but this does not exclude the personal responsibility of each visitor as well as the companions of minors. (Please read the rules)

  1. The import of food, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages is not allowed (subject to fines and penalties).
  2. The import of flammable materials, weapons, knives and objects that may disturb the peace of our guests and employees is not allowed.
  3. The use of the equipment or part of it may be limited due to unsuitable climatic conditions or maintenance work.
  4. Minors up to 14 years of age and minors up to 16 years of age must be accompanied by their parents, guardians, trustees or other persons to take appropriate care of them. Please do not lose sight of your children, their safety is entirely your responsibility, not our employees.
  5. AQUAPARK NEPTUNE DOES NOT OFFER REFUND for a ticket already purchased. No money is refunded, and no compensation is given for unsuitable climatic conditions.
  6. The water in the pools is not heated additionally, its temperature depends on the climatic and atmospheric conditions.
  7. Each attraction and pool have an information board for depth, height and weight. In case of discrepancy between height and weight, visitors will not be allowed to the respective facility for their safety.
  8. Some of the facilities are extreme and their use carries a certain risk. By using the facility, you assume the respective risk, as a person responsible for your actions and deeds. You are required to

follow the warnings and restrictions that are indicated before each facility, as well as employee instructions.

  1. Please observe each attraction in advance and judge for yourself whether it is safe for you. You know best your physical condition and capabilities. Neptune Water Park is not responsible for injuries and accidents due to your own poor judgment or non-compliance with the instructions.
  2. Step carefully and use the railings. Jumping and diving in any of the swimming pools is not allowed. Please follow the rescue posts and follow the lifeguards’ recommendations and instructions. 11. It is recommended to use sunscreen oil to prevent the harmful UV rays.
  3. Visitors to the Neptune Aquapark must be in good health, have no surgical stitches, high blood pressure, physical, mental or chronic problems, do not wear a cast, and do not suffer from skin problems or other infectious diseases. Attractions are not suitable for pregnant women.
  4. In case an Neptune Water Park’s employee finds that the laws and the secirity are endangered due to theft, does not following the rules of aggressive behaviour, does not following the queues of attractions of the water park, the guest will be taken out of the water park area.
  5. For your safety, some of the facilities have height and weight restrictions for which adult attendant is required.
  6. We expect understanding and tolerance from our visitors. Visitors who have abused either alcohol or drugs or show aggressive behaviour will be taken out of the area without being reimbursed for the ticket.
  7. Animals are not allowed on the territory of the water park, except for small breeds of puppies, under the supervision of their owners, without walking them on the food block, lawns, alleys and pools. The pet must stay quiet with its owner on the deck chair, otherwise the owner and pet will be asked to leave without a refund for the ticket.
  8. Do not leave your personal belongings without supervision for long period of time. Neptune Water Park is not responsible for stolen or lost items.
  9. For safety measures and reasons, the use of the equipment with mobile phones, bulky jewelry, cameras, selfie sticks, sunglasses, etc. is not allowed.
  10. The guests of Neptune Water Park are of different nationality, gender, marital status and religion. It is necessary to be dressed in appropriate swimsuits to use the attractions, in order to protect the comfort of each guegst. Forbidden: underwear, transparent swimsuits, monokinis, pants or T-shirts with metal eyelets, zippers, clasps, as they can hurt you, as well as the surface of the slides and crack the belt you use.
  11. Children with diapers are not allowed in any pool, except for swimming diapers.
  12. For the convenience of visitors to the Neptune Water Park, there are lockers and safes, which are used for an additional fee of BGN 5. The wardrobe is located immediately after the entrance on the right.
  13. Sun loungers and slide belts are available in limited quantities. It is not allowed to keep a belt or a rug after using the slides or to keep one for future use.
  14. In order not to hurt yourself or anyone else, please do not RUN.
  15. All photos and video recordings are ONLY for personal use.
  16. Smoking is allowed in the designated places on the territory of the Neptune water park.
  17. Feeding is carried out on the food block, at the marked places. Please, in order to protect the cleanliness and comfort of the visitors, do not take food to the loungers.
  18. Neptune Water Park territory is equipped with security cameras.
  19. All attractions and facilities stop operation 30 minutes before the end of the working time.
  20. There is a duty medical person on the water park territory who provides first aid to injured visitors.
  21. All visitors to the water park pay an entrance fee, except for visibly pregnant women and people with visible disabilities. Please notify our cashiers in advance of pregnancy or physical injuries.
  22. People who will accompany our guest, but due to illness or reluctance will not use the attractions, will pay for admission, as well.
  23. All retirees presenting the relevant document to our cashiers get a 50% discount of the ticket price.
  24. Parking is free for all Neptune Water Prak guests.
  25. A fine of BGN 15 is paid for a lost or damaged watch (bracelet). If any of the visitors finds a lost bracelet and withdraws its money, Neptune Water Park is not responsible and has no obligation to refund the amount to the real owner. Keeping and wearing the bracelets is mandatory and a personal responsibility!
  26. Entrance and show prices, as well as the opening hours of the water park are subject to change without notice.
  27. There is no cash shopping on the territory of the water park. Payment is made through a bracelet that is given to you after purchasing the ticket. The bracelets are loaded at the deposit box, which is located on the left side immediately after the entrance. The amount you want to deposit is up to you. The amount you did not spend is returned to the deposit box before leaving the site.
  28. When leaving the water park, by going through the turnstile, the client deactivates his bracelet, each client must withdraw his remaining deposit before leaving the water park, otherwise the amount that was in the bracelet can not be refunded.